Midterm Topic Approval

Fox Spot

What is the purpose of this site?
The purpose of this site is to learn JavaScript and Bootstrap, and create a community bulletin board for fox sightings.
What do you want this site to accomplish?
Ideally the hand-on practice of designing from the beginning should make the JavaScript content more comprehensible for me. I also hope to include this piece in my graduation portfolio.
Who is your target audience?
The target audience is my peers and teacher at MCTC, potential employers, friends, coworkers and family and fox afficionados everywhere.
What opportunity or issue is your site addressing?
The site will allow neighbors and others int eh community to share details of fox sightings, mostly in urban areas.
What type of content might be included in your site?
Content will include short narratives of fox sightings and some photos. There will also be links to interesting articles and experts. The five pages will be as follows:
intro, photos, in the style of an "about us" page
contact us page
List at least two related or similar sites found on the web:
Here are some similar sites from other animal watchers:
Cougar Net tracks migration, population, news events etc
Birdwatching Daily allows visitors to share bird sightings.
Fox Spot moodboard

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